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How to eat your way through a self-drive campervan holiday in Tasmania

By Josh Edwards

December 7, 2023

Whilst all those who dream of hiring a campervan in Tasmania for a few days or weeks, know all about the fantastic natural assets of Australia’s southernmost State, there are plenty more who are completely unaware that this tiny corner of heaven also boasts some rather spectacular gastronomic delights. That’s right…not only will you be able to indulge in spellbinding sightseeing, hiking, canyoning and cruising when next you visit Tassie, but you’ll also be able to indulge your taste-buds in the epicurean journey of a lifetime.

Think we’re exaggerating a tad? Then take the challenge: book your self-drive camper holiday to Tasmania for your next vacation and take heed of our advice. Include the following ‘must-eats’ into your tour itinerary and you can be sure of an unforgettable journey through Australia’s most delectable morsel of land.

Come with us and we’ll show you just how easy it is to eat your way through your next Tasmanian campervan holiday.

Garagistes, Hobart

Mention the words ‘food’ and ‘gourmet’ to any self-respecting Tasmanian and they’re more than likely to respond with: ‘Garagistes!’

The restaurant with a prickly-to-pronounce-name is usually at the forefront of every Tasmanian restaurant review, and for very good reasons. The name of the joint actually derives from the French word for ‘garage wine makers’ or ‘wine gangsters’ as they prefer to be called.

At this most divine Hobart establishment, the emphasis is very much on the produce used (only fresh, local & bio) as well as the infusion of French and Mediterranean influences. Garagistes books out weeks in advance and offers only share tables and frequently changing degustation menus. For all this effort…you shall be very delectably rewarded. The food is beautifully presented and inventively prepared, so you can expect a truly superlative dining experience here.

Mount Elephant Pancakes, St Marys

We absolutely love this place, for more than just a few reasons. First of all, it has such a wide selection of both sweet and savoury pancakes that you could seriously feast there at any time of day and with all sorts of fussy companions. There’s something on the menu for everyone! Moreover the fresh produce used is top quality, cooked to perfection and served with just enough flair to make it as pleasing for the eye as it is for the palate. Crowd favourites here are the smoked salmon and mushroom, as well as banana, walnut & maple syrup and, come to think of it, also the apple rhubarb….and perhaps even the chilli con carne pancakes. As you may have guessed…the hardest part of a meal here is deciding which one to order. Stay overnight in St Helens and you’ll have the option of coming back twice! Well worth the windy drive up the mountain.

Pyengana Dairy & Holy Cow Cafe

We’ll be the first to admit that Tasmanians have an obsession with naming their restaurants after animals, yet if you’re ever going to be a cow, then we reason you may as well be a very holy (and happily fed) one.

For award-winning cheese, as well as home-made country fare which is bound to satisfy the cockles of your heart, head to this most revered dairy & cafe, which you’ll find in the heart of the Pyengana Valley. This is the ideal rest stop after you take an invigorating walk to see the nearby St Columbia Falls, although some may consider the walk a long-winded reason to feast ad infinitum in this glorious joint. The cheese tasting here is second to none, and combine that with an array of mouth-watering produce to buy (including olives, breads, chutneys and beers) this would have to rate as one of the best food shopping haunts this side of the Tasman Sea. Make sure you don’t gorge yourself past the ploughman’s lunch…it’s been known to make grown men weak at the knees with delight.

Stillwater Restaurant, Launceston

If there were only one reason to include Launceston in your Tasmania itinerary (as if the attractions were not enough) it would have to be this restaurant. From the whisky sour oysters to the melt-in-your-mouth fennel and poppy seed salmon, every dish served here is absolutely exquisite. Make sure you leave enough room for the Swiss chocolate fondante…it would be a travesty to leave without trying it. Although we’re not quite sure of what their ‘elegant casual dining’ mantra is supposed to mean, if this is the end result, then we’re all for it!

Masaaki’s Sushi, Greeveston

This well kept Tasmanian secret serves up arguably the best sushi you’ll have in your life. Granted, they don’t make it easy for you to savour it (Masaaaki is only open on for lunch on Friday and Saturday) yet if you’re a cunning planner, and can work yourself in Greeveston on either days, you’ll be in for a very pleasant epicurean delight. This place is about as authentic as Japanese could possibly get…the blink and you’ll miss it shop-front entrance and the minimalist interior may lead one to believe that the food will be barely above average. What you’ll discover, instead, is that the master sushi chef behind the small counter will think nothing of creating an absolute taste sensation experience for you. Time and time again. Sushi and sashimi lovers must absolutely include a pit stop here! The quality of the fare would put any Michelin starred, 5* restaurant to shame. No joke!

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