During Your Rental

Can I collect and return my vehicle after hours?

After-hours pick-up and drop-off is not available.

Where do I collect and drop off my vehicle from?

The collection and drop off points are different for each location, visit our Locations Page for more information.

Can I take the vehicle on a ferry?

Yes, our vehicles are permitted to be taken on vehicle ferries, except when the travel is otherwise prohibited. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Customers may use a vehicle ferry to travel to some islands such as Bruny Island, Bribie Island, Phillip Island, and Stradbroke Island. Customers may also use vehicle ferries for river crossings such as the Hunter valley, or travel between points such as Queenscliff and Sorrento in Victoria.

Can I take vehicles off road?

There are a number of roads that we do not allow our vehicles on. Please refer to section 4.4 of our Terms and Conditions.

Can I take my car into National parks?

Bargain Car Rentals vehicles are allowed into all national parks provided the roads are not closed due to weather or roads are poorly formed or washed out. Care should be taken when traveling on unsealed roads.

Please check if a National Parks pass, or similar is required to be purchased ahead of your arrival.

Are seat belts required to be worn in Australia?

It is mandatory within all States of Australia to wear seatbelts. Fines apply to both driver and passengers if seat belts are not worn.

Can I drive the car interstate?

Customers are not permitted to drive our vehicles interstate, except where detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

What do I need to know about Toll Roads and e-Tags?

We use number plate recognition to identify when a Vehicle is used on a toll road. This is automatically linked to Your reservation. We charge the value of the toll and a service fee of $5.00 per toll you use.

NOTE: Please note that registering our rental vehicle under your Linkt account is not advised, as it can lead to double billing and being charged twice for the same toll. If you want to pay for your own toll usage, please use your own E-Tag registered to you.

What do I do if I receive a parking ticket or other infringement?

Parking and speeding fines are the responsibility of the customer. If you receive a parking ticket we recommend you pay this before the due date. A $65 administration fee will be incurred for any infringement that requires reissuing fines into the driver’s name.

What do I do in the event of an accident?

If you require emergency assistance, please dial 000.

As soon as possible, please report the accident to us by calling 1300 729 230. You will be required to complete a Damage Report Form by filling in all the details on the form found here.

Can I return a vehicle to a different location to where I hired it from?

Returning a vehicle to a different drop-off location must be pre-arranged. This can be selected at the time of booking or by contacting us ahead of time after making your booking.

You may book this directly on our website, by speaking with our Contact Centre at 1300 729 230 or if your request is not urgent (outside of 48 hours) please email us at info@bargaincarrentals.com.au

Can I return my vehicle early?

If required, renters can return their vehicle early. Please call our Contact Centre on 1300 729 230 to change the return date/time.

There are no refunds for unused days, however you can retain the unused value as credit for a future booking (bookings must be made directly through Bargain Car Rentals to redeem the credit value).

Do I need to return my car at a set time?

You must return your vehicle at the time and location specified on the rental agreement, this helps us to ensure we’re ready for you.

If you wish to extend your rental, please call us on 1300 729 230 and for non-urgent enquiries (outside of 48 hours) please emails us at info@bargaincarrentals.com.au

If I return the vehicle late, how much will I be charged?

If you return your car more than one hour after the return time in the Rental Agreement, we will charge you one full day’s rental and a further full day’s rental at the daily rate specified on the agreement, including liability waivers and additional extras until the vehicle is returned to us.

How do I extend my rental?

To extend your rental, you must call Bargain Car Rentals on 1300 729 230. Extensions are non guaranteed and are based on availability. Extra days hire will apply.

You can also email us for not urgent enquiries (outside 48 hours) at info@bargaincarrentals.com.au

Do I need to fill up the car with fuel before returning?

The vehicle should be returned with a full tank of fuel as specified on the agreement from pick-up. Refuelling charges apply if the vehicle is not returned with a full tank of fuel.

If you have chosen to buy the Fuel Purchase Option you can return the vehicle with any level of fuel and you will not be charged any extra for fuel. There is no refund for unused fuel.

How do I know what fuel to use for my car?

This information can be found on your agreement or inside the fuel cap. If you require further assistance, please call us on 1300 729 230.

Can I purchase a liability waiver option after collecting and driving my rental vehicle?

Yes, you will need to return to a Bargain Car Rentals location and have the vehicle inspected for damage before you can add a liability waiver to your rental.

Can I attach a bike rack or snow chains to a Bargain vehicle?

No, you are not permitted to attach any additional car accessories to the exterior of the vehicle. We can assist you to hire a vehicle that is suitable to carry additional baggage such as bikes.

Can I use a trailer with any of your vehicles?

No, most Bargain Car Rentals vehicles are not fitted with a tow ball. Exceptions include buses and other vehicles that are fitted with a tow ball for this purpose. We do offer box trailers for an additional daily fee.

Can I use my mobile phone while driving?

Using a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal in all Australian states and territories. If you have a mobile phone with you in your car, it may only be used in a hands-free capacity to make or receive calls, open navigation apps, or play music. If your mobile phone is not mounted and secured in a dock or appropriate hands-free mechanism, then you will not be legally allowed to touch or use the phone. Other functions such as social media, email, and instant messaging for example are also prohibited. If you need to check your phone, you’ll need to pull over in a safe place to do so. Some states also require you to turn off your car before touching your phone.