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Best Hobart Attractions for Hikers

By Levi Dance

November 15, 2023

Hobart is a fantastic destination for lovers of all things splendidly natural, as the Tasmanian capital is nestled, framed and totally surrounded by a world of pristine wilderness. If you love the great outdoors and wish to enjoy some fantastic hiking, jogging or simple walking whilst on holiday here, then check out our favourite Hobart attractions for hikers. Jet in at the Hobart International Airport, book yourself some fabulous city accommodation and have the following natural wonders right outside your door step.

Fern Tree Park

This most beautiful forested park sits on the base of Mount Wellington, just a short drive our of Hobart’s CBD. It is here that hikers can enjoy a plethora of walks with varying degrees of difficulty.

The Fern Tree to Silver Falls Loop is ideal for beginners, mountain bikers, dog walkers and even stroller-pushing parents. The Pipeline Track, on the other hand, is a tad more challenging (but still suitable for older kids) and will see you follow the major channel which feeds fresh mountain water to Hobart’s residents. The views, on this particular walk, are said to be breathtaking. A more vigorous hike is the one which leads from Fern Tree all the way to Wellington Falls, a walk which incorporates the Pinnacle Walk and a further 8kms.

Battery Point

Battery Point’s Sculpture Trail is particularly busy on sunny week-ends, when Hobart residents come out in their droves to take in the views and sculptures of this most historic route. Start your leisurely 2 hour walk from Salamanca Place and, as well as the spectacular views, admire the nine oversized sculptures which depict the history of Hobart’s very beginnings. To continue your dose of history and fitness, continue along St George’s Terrace and complement your sculpture trail with the Historic Battery Point walking trail. On this walk, you’ll be led through one of the city’s oldest suburbs and two of its most prominent museums. Admire the old architecture, the charm of its side streets and absorb the atmosphere of this most quaint corner of Hobart.

Sandy Bay

Walking along the Sandy Bay Foreshore is by far one of the most enjoyable things you can do on a hot summer’s day. Aside the lovely 2km long coastal walk, you could also enjoy a refreshing swim, stop for brunch at one of the seaside eateries or come in the late afternoon to take in a gorgeous sunset.

City to Pinnacle

One of Hobart’s most rewarding walks would have to be the City to Pinnacle Trail, which is a phenomenal mountain hiking path leading straight out of the city and right to the top of Mt Wellington. This full day hike is not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure, but if you’re up for the challenge and wish to be rewarded by the most awe-inspiring views of Hobart and its bay, then dare we say this trail will be well worth all the pain and sweat. Do keep in mind that the mountain plateau is rather exposed so bring a windcheater and extra layer as the temps can drop dramatically during this hike.

Lake St Clair

If you’re up for a further challenge or, indeed, if you’re heading to Hobart to take on a mighty hiking adventure, then you need look no further than the area of Lake St Clair, where you can tackle arduous multi-day hikes.

The mammoth 8-day Overland Trail is an internationally renowned Alpine adventure trek which will guide through the very best highlights of the mountainous regions of southern Tasmania. Due to the nature of the trek, we’d highly recommend you join an organised tour, so as to have every detailed planned to perfection, from logistics of transport, to accommodation in mountain huts and all the meals you’ll need.

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