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Discover Broadbeach

By Josh Edwards

June 6, 2023

Broadbeach is one of the most famous, and stylish, suburbs in the Gold Coast. Home to its largest shopping centre, as well as an array of upmarket hotels, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and bars, it is seen by many as the most exclusive address in the entire stretch of southern Queensland coastline. Reaching Broadbeach from the Gold Coast Airport is easy (it’s only 20kms away!) and especially convenient if you choose a rental car option.

Aside the top quality services and accommodation choices, however, lies a relaxed, easy going beach hub. Sure, Broadbeach has come a long way since its humble beginnings as the side kick to Surfer’s Paradise, yet no matter how glitzy it may seem at first, rest assured that it has not forgotten its simple origins. Miles of pristine beaches, exhilarating surfing spots and gorgeous seaside parks home to quaint week-end markets, continue to take centre stage here.

Here are the top things to do in Broadbeach:

Be a beach bum

Of all the beaches in the area, Kurrawa would have to be one of the very best. Calmer waters, flagged stretches and plenty of shaded and grassy spots make it a favourite for families with young tots in tow. A lovely boardwalk and adjoining park also act as magnets in winter, when the waters are a bit too chilly for a swim. The local lifesaving surf club (which happens to be home to a great little bistro and pub) offers lessons for all those who have always wanted to learn the art of riding waves. Lifesavers are always on hand to keep a protective eye over swimmers and surfers alike. Kurrawa plays host to the yearly Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships and, although it enjoys a very healthy local and international reputation as a superlative surfing beach, it still remains relatively unknown amongst the general populace, so head here if you prefer a less crowded beach.

Take a gamble

Conrad Jupiter’s Casino is probably Broadbeach’s most famous claim to fame as far as man-made wonders are concerned. The colossal luxury complex comprises a 5* hotel, restaurants, bars and, of course, a fashionable casino spread over two floors. Jupiter’s popularity is testament to the fact that enjoying a superlative meal, drink and flutter on the roulette is one of the most fun ways to spend a night out in Broadbeach.

Go on a shopping splurge

is one of the largest shopping malls in Australia and one-stop shopping mecca which will delight and dazzle anyone wanting to splurge a little whilst on vacation in Queensland. Here, you will find anything and everything on sale, with fashion being in particular prevalence among the hundreds of shops and boutiques. Free and ample parking is one of the most revered features of this mall, and do keep in mind that many of the stores are located outdoors, so don a hat and some sunscreen if visiting in the height of summer. A cinema and various eating establishment will ensure that everyone will be kept entertained for hours on end.

Eat yourself into a stupor

Renowned for being home to some of the best restaurants on the Gold Coast, Broadbeach is the idea vacation base for food aficionados who love nothing more than to indulge their taste buds. There are over 100 restaurants here, and that’s only the ones listed in the Australian Good Food Guide which, incidentally, makes for a great holiday companion on the Gold Coast! From modern haute-cuisine at Verve and Champagne Brasserie, to a plethora of foreign eateries (Thai, Italian and Cuban among many others) and a near infinite amount of brilliant seafood hubs, Broadbeach offers a culinary experience to suit all tastes and budgets.

Indulge in some R&R

With ALL that shopping and ALL that gorging, it’s safe to say you may be in dire need of some pampering when visiting Broadbeach. The suburb is home to many health spas whose only aim is to invigorate and rejuvenate your body and soul. Enjoy relaxing Thai massages at Broadbeach Thai Massage and Yindee, or book a deep cleansing facial or multi-hour pamper session at Lotus, where only the best locally made organic beauty products are used.

Get out of town!

Whilst no-one would argue that Broadbeach is a holiday destination in itself, this does not mean that you should miss out on visiting some of the nearby Gold Coast attractions as well. Stay here and you’ll be within a short drive away from some of the most iconic and famous sites in southern Queensland. Enjoy leisurely daylong outings to the Gold Coast Hinterland, where you can walk endlessly among luscious rainforests and dramatic volcanic landscapes; take the kids on exhilarating rides at one of the many fun parks this area is renowned for, or pay a visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where you’ll meet some of Australia’s most beloved animals.

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