Scuba diving in Queensland, Australia.

Scuba Diving in Queensland: the SS Yongala Wreck

By Levi Dance

December 21, 2023

The SS Yongala, a mighty passenger ship which sank off the coast of Cape Bowling Green in 1911, remained mysteriously elusive until discovered in 1958 and is now considered one of the best wreck dive sites in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Nowadays home to an array of endemic marine life, and easily accessible from Queensland’s Alva Beach, it is often rated as one of the world’s very best scuba diving destinations.

Yongala Dive  is one of the most respected diving operators in Queensland. They specialise in excursion to this most enigmatic wreck site and offer you the chance of a world class diving trip.

What to expect on a day trip:

Your day will start early in the morning, when you’ll meet the Yongala Dive crew team on the shores of Alva Beach. After a thorough and extensive briefing, you’ll be kitted out with all the gear you’ll need and have a chance to grab some breakfast before being taken on a short boat ride to the dive site. No time is ever wasted on this excursion and your dive will commence just as soon as you arrive! A delectable snack will be offered during dive breaks, when you’ll also have the chance to relax and sunbake on deck if you so wish. Your second and final dive of the day will grant you even more time with the incredible wildlife which inhabits the depths alongside the SS Yongala. Get up, close and personal with bull sharks, manta rays, turtles, gropers and so much more. Your return trip to the beach will take place in the early afternoon.

Further options:

Yongala Dive also offer multi-day diving trips for those who want to have a more comprehensive underwater experience. Moreover, refresher classes are always on offer, which are ideal for those who have not dived for an extended period of time. Open water, adventure and rescue diving courses are also available, so feel free to expand your experience while visiting this most stunning Queensland location. All courses are also aimed at honing in the skills you’ll need to dive the SS Yongala, which is a rather unique site thanks to its location. Yongala Dive offers a selection of packages to suit all needs: you can choose to double your dives by paying for additional excursion days or add overnight accommodation in the company’s lodge.

Alva Beach, in tropical north Queensland, is a fantastic place to visit, and diving the SS Yongala is only one of the many activities you can indulge in when staying here. Take advantage of a Queensland rental car to make your visit even better and discover all that this incredibly beautiful part of Australia has to offer. Spend relaxing days taking in the rays on the pristine beaches and indulge in the myriad of fun water sports on offer, like kite boarding and jet skiing. Delight your taste buds on local seafood specialties and make your Queensland vacation a totally unforgettable adventure in every way.

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