Tropical Islands in North Queensland

Cairns Photographic Tours: A Unique Way to Experience Nth Queensland

By Levi Dance

November 11, 2022

Tropical North Queensland is by far one of Australia’s most photogenic corners. Joining a professional photographic tour, however, is bound to ensure you come home with possibly some of the most extraordinary photos you could ever dream to take. Explore the hidden nooks of this enigmatic place and let a professional and experienced local take you on a journey of a lifetime to the North Queensland wildscapes.

About Paul Curtis Tours:

Paul has been calling Nth Queensland home for over 30 years and is one of the most enthusiastic guides you’re ever likely to meet. He’s the first to admit that his backyard has a well-trodden tourist trail, and is adamant to show his clients a very different side of his paradise. Paul can take you on a full day or multiple-day adventure through the wilderness and caters only for small-group tours to ensure each member has the attention he/she deserves and needs. He’ll teach you how to get the best out of your photographic equipment and escort you to some of the most magical photo spots around. Paul has travelled extensively though the area and knows every corner extremely well. Combined with your own individual desires, his experience will ensure your tour is as memorable as can be. Attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, is the most important factor for Paul and the main reason why his particular tours have become so popular.

Although a certain amount of physical fitness is desirable, it is not essential, as Paul will custom make each tour to suit your specific needs and abilities. What is important to note is that these tours cater for both experienced and novice photographers, so no matter how much (or little!) practice you have had, you will always enjoy and learn from one of Paul’s comprehensive tours.

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Thanks to tropical Nth Queensland’s varied landscapes, your choice of tour destinations is quite generous. You could perfect your lighting and timing skills on a half-day sunset tour in the Davies Creek National Park, where the colours can change dramatically at the end of each day, or take a half or full-day tour of some of the most golden beaches in Cairns. You can also spend an entire day lost in the tropical jungle of the cloud forest, or hop on a 4WD to visit some of the most striking collection of waterfalls in the area. No matter what tickles your fancy…you’re sure to find a chartered or private tour to suit all your wishes.

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