Crocodile in Darwin, Northern Territory

Croc Heaven (Crocosaurus Cove and Crocodilus Park)

By Levi Dance

May 11, 2023

Crocs, crocs and even more crocs are the order of the day in Darwin…and for very valid reasons! The most feared reptile in Australia (and perhaps the world) calls the Northern Territory its cosy home, so it is here where you’ll get the most chance s of close encounters.

Crocodylus Park is much more than a croc haven and is actually home to three different types of iguanas, several different species of snakes, as well as dingo, kangaroos, lions and even tigers. Kid’s activities abound here and lots of baby-animal cuddle times are enjoyed by young and old alike. Yet the world’s largest reptile is still the star attraction and it is right here that you can view some of the most humongous specimens in the country.

Crocosaurus Cove, on eth other hand, is known as Darwin’s most urban wilderness experience, thanks to its very central city location. An ideal place to visit at a moment’s notice, this brilliant city croc hub offers you the chance to swim with the big beast, albeit with a really thick glass panel in between. Tryst us…it’s still scary enough and called the cage of Death for a reason! Whilst you’re certainly free to walk around on your own, we highly recommend you join a guided tour to get the most of your visit. Not only will you learn much more about the animals you see but you’ll also get a chance to hold and cuddle a few or, as some have attested, having a frilled neck lizard sit on your shoulder for the tour. Tops!

How to get there: Crocodylus Park is merely 5 minutes away from the Darwin Airport, whilst you’ll find Crocosaurus Cove right in the heart of the city, on Mitchell Street.


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